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Forum » Offener Bereich » Allgemeines » Blacklisted for no reason
Blacklisted for no reason
Spikey2005Datum: Samstag, 2010-02-06, 00:59:04 | Nachricht # 1
Gruppe: Gelöscht

Good evening,

Many apologies for posting this in the wrong section if I have. I do not understand the german language.

Anyways, this post is for the attention of the admins or owner.

Today, I got blacklisted on the TGD-SpeedWorld server on Track Mania Nations.
I beleive the admin who is responsible for blacklisting me is TGD-Crazy.

His reason to blacklist me is invalid, as I have done nothing wrong on your server at all.

There is a map on there which I did not like but the admin restarted the next round on the same map when himself and another person voted.
I simply made a suggestion to do a F1 / F2 vote count instead of just restarting because its unfair to everyone. After that suggestion, he kicked me...
Immediately I thought "hold on a sec here? Why am I being kicked for making a suggestion... does democracy exsist on this server?"

So anyways, I came back on and I questioned as to why I was kicked. I was not rude, I was not bad mannored. Then he starts to talk in german to another one of his friends TGD-Craaank. I asked if they could speak in English because I saw my name pop up in the conversation...

Next thing that happened. I was added to the blacklist by TGD-Crazy.

Now I am completely upset with what has happened here and I wish to know if there is anything I can do to get me off the blacklist on that server, as I play in it quite often and it is fun to play.

I feel that there has been a spot of abusive admin powers today on this server and would strongly suggest having a word with this TGD-Crazy to explain his actions.
Even if he is whilling to post to this thread to speak to me directly, I would be more than happy to listen to what he has to say about this.

But please, lets be civil about this and remain like grown up people and come to a resolution about this issue.



Forum » Offener Bereich » Allgemeines » Blacklisted for no reason
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